Haodi Technology Group Co, Limited, founded in 2010, is diversified Group of Companies, composed of Shenzhen marketing office, Chengdu R&D center and Yibin industrial park of 6 Building, 120,000 square meters workshop, with a total of thousands of employees, including more than 200 R&D personnel. Our business covers consumer electronics, smart home, automotive products, etc. Since its establishment, we has established a complete high-quality supply chain, including mold design and making, product production and assembly, and quality management system. 

Today, we bring quality consumer electronics, smart home, automotive products, etc, to the market under our emerging in-house brands, as well as under renowned brands such as, House of Music & Accessories, Gadget Monster, Innova Celular, Acellories, iHip, VOXX and Alba Trade -to name a few.


Our tagline is “Make Innovations” and we take this seriously. As markets and trends change, so do we. Our retailers are not merely customers, but an extension of the HAODi family. We work energetically with our partners to launch a consumer product or product line from the ground up, engineered with great quality and unique design for the end user in mind.

We don’t merely create products- we create stories. Each product we put to market is inspired by creativity, experiences, and innovation. Our creative process abounds with cutting-edge technologies that are rarely seen in the marketplace. The culmination of our passion is a worldwide consumer base.

HAODi works with our in-house team from ideation and development to production and distribution to achieve the perfect result. Our demanding standards include all certifications and licensing required to ensure quality control for high customer satisfaction.